The T.Y.K.E.S. (Teignmouth Young Keystone EntertainerS)

'The Future is in our hands'

The T.Y.K.E.S. are a group of youngsters who share a love of dramatic art and represent the youth and the future of theatre in the area.

They are growing up in an uncertain environment where too many people, for far too long, have abused the natural resources around them resulting in global warming and natural disasters.

This group of young people is from a generation that have to respond to these threats and they are only too aware of the effects of these years of abuse and will strive to reverse the situation. They are keen to take part in these festivals to show their determination and desire to improve and protect this fragile world they find themselves in.

The scenes in today's presentation were written from their ideas, suggestions and feelings and thus, they trust, convey what they believe are some of the issues that need to be addressed. By presenting them in the way you will see today they hope it will have a greater impact and that by the end of their performance the message they are conveying will be as ingrained in your hearts as it is in theirs.

We do not own the earth we only borrow it while we are alive so what right do we have to mistreat it. We must love it and nurture it for what it is, not ours but everyone's to share for this generation and those to come in the future, as long as we do not take that away with our actions.

The following quotes from the cast members shows their feelings towards these festival days:-
"we need to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle, not just for us but for the next generations as well"
"Global warming is an important issue that will effect everyone, we feel we need to do our bit in the community to prevent it becoming a catastrophic event in the World's history "
"everybody can help to make the world a better place by following a few simple rules"
"don't throw the world away"
"It is important for our voices to be heard and for us to help protect the environment we live in"