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Trail Recycled Art In Landscape

The sculptures on Teignmouth seafront are exposed to the elements for 3 months and then relocated to various exhibition venues. Some artworks go on to have a long life, on one hand a blessing as a lot of man hours and creativity go into the sculptures but on the other highlights the longevity of rubbish being released into the natural environment as landfill or litter. Some sculptures are semi-permanent made from materials that degrade, not always biodegrade, adding an unseen toxic waste into the environment.

The Sculpture Trail 2013 artists still managed to surprise and delight our summer audience with innovative use of waste materials at the same time reinforcing the environmental message of the last 9 years.

Reduce waste by choosing products with less packaging that can be recycled or biodegrades and make sure materials that can be recycled do not escape into the environment to cause damage. Above all do not become complacent as there is still a long way to go before the problem of waste is resolved. Each person's purchasing power will eventually change manufacturers decisions.

TRAIL 2014 is our 10th Anniversary and invites environmentally aware artist to exhibit innovative, site specific sculpture.
If you want to take part in 2014 please download the Artist Brief