Bishopsteignton Outdoor Art Group (B.O.A.G.)

Sea Guardians

A few years ago it was realised that there are so many threats to our oceans and aquatic life, that powerful help was needed. A new divine role was therefore created for someone to turn the tide of oncoming disaster. For many years no-one came forward, and the seas deteriorated. But wait, who are these would-be job seekers? Three Sea Guardians seem to have risen to the challenge. We’re not quite sure where they have come from, but they seem fairly determined to take the job on. Should we give it to them?

The job description includes:
stemming the oncoming sea level rise
keeping fish levels sustainable
preventing corals from dying
removing plastic and other waste materials deposited from humans
saving the whales and other endangered species
expunging pollution from oil spills
minimising the loss of habitat for marine life.



The job holder(s) must also maintain the deep ocean currents, micro-organisms, carbon sink and ice surface to keep out harmful radiation from the sun: In short, to regulate climatic feedback systems to maintain our human way of life. A tall order given the lack of help from ourselves whose lives depend on the sea in so many ways!

These aquatic Amazons have indicated that they are not pussy-footing around, they know they have a serious task to do. Probably best not to talk to them, or distract them from their work as we’re not quite sure how they would react. But it’s a good job they are here otherwise who knows how long the human race would survive!

Materials Redundant rotary clothes dryers, found hub caps, re-sewn old tents and tarpaulins, restrung beads, aluminium cans reinvented into seaphenalia, surplus offcuts of swimming pool vinyl, greenhouse struts, wire from the dump, plaited plastic bags crown-knotted into hair (and M&S bags made into seaweed by a lovely lady in her nineties).


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