Fiona Campbell

Sculptures for Teignmouth's Recycled Sculpture Trail

Inspired by my collection of flotsam and jetsam from many trips to coastlines in Somerset, other parts of UK and abroad, I am aware of the detrimental effects of collections such as exotic shells and, tourism generally, to coral reefs and beaches. Having made numerous voyages to Kenyan beaches and reefs over the past 5 decades, for example, I have witnessed a dramatic decline in its coral life, shells and resident sea creatures. Our human desire to collect, own, trade, discover, colonise and capture continues to impact on the disappearing life and beauty in coral reefs.


My sculptures are inspired by skeletal and exotic sea life forms encountered on these voyages. Created from scrap metal and found materials sourced from Watchet boatyard, beaches and surrounding countryside, these pieces celebrate the wonder of sea life, hopeful of a better future for our environment.


The installation aims to convey my concern for environmental degradation. What once seemed beneficial voyages of discovery by naturalists have, ironically, led to the current situation in which mass tourism degrades the environments, habitats and ecosystems, which inspire us to travel.


'Found Now Missing' made of mainly recycled steel, copper and wire - some found in boatyards and farm scrap.

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