Liz Lockyear - Arctic Warrior

Polar Bear - Recycled

The Polar bear, from Greenpeace's Arctic Campaign at Glastonbury Festival, generously given to TRAIL, is re-using at its best. The restyled polar bear, now an Arctic Warrior, has surprised and amused children and adults all summer. Something, so out of context, can grab people's attention and nothing is more unexpected than a polar bear, next to an igloo, on a sunny promenade overlooking the sea.

The subsequent press coverage and interaction with passer-by's has spread the message that we need to protect the habitat of not only polar bears but all living things in the Arctic and Antarctic. We all know the phrase recycle, reduce and re-use, maybe we should add remind, respect and respond as it is such an important issue with so much at stake.

Thank you Greenpeace for giving us the Polar Bear, which, once the sculpture trail is over, will spend the rest of his days at Living Coast spreading the message further with the EAZA Pole to Pole Campaign, European Zoos. Definitely a bear with a lot to say!



Download Polar Bear Story - pdf