The igloos have raised many issues and stimulated ideas on re-using every day materials.

One was originally made for Living Coast and the Pole to Pole initiative by EAZA, European Zoo's campaign, and has fulfilled this role perfectly highlighting the environmental issues of pollution and the melting of the icecaps with the resulting loss of habitat for wildlife. This project was supported by the Greenpeace Polar bear, part of their Save the Arctic Campaign exhibited alongside the second igloo on Teignmouth seafront.

The 3m diameter igloos have also stimulated discussion on the use of recycled materials in buildings as the one on Teignmouth seafront, in particular, has proved to be a strong construction withstanding hurricane Bertha.

The desire for people to sit inside, out of the wind and in the warm, made it clear that we all need shelter and that for some it is not proving to be a given right.

Finally the igloo, providing a warm and light environment, will be moved to the walled garden at Eastcliffe, Teignmouth to be a propagator and a support for plants until it is eventually recycled.

Thank you to:
TRAIL, Teign Estuary Transition Group, Holcombe Community Orchard and TAAG Arts and Community Centre whose volunteers are now experts in recognising the origin and construction of plastic milk bottles. It took hours of fun followed by steely determination to finish. Well done everyone!



Celebrating the local community - towards sustainable living
When we're not making igloos we enjoy regular clothes swaps, films, talks, and much more. We also have a Community Walled Garden in East Cliff Park which you can find by walking past the lido and up through the park to the top left corner. Come and enjoy!

And now with hindsight, Living Coast, The Science Cafe and The Oyster Catcher for hosting a wonderful discussion evening. The bonhomie resulted in all of us committing, rather glibly, to making igloos for Living Coast and Teignmouth Seafront which was a huge challenge. Finally thanks to everyone that brought bottles to TAAG. We needed every one!